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About Us

PIQUE recommends the best movies and shows for thoughtful Christian audiences.

Our community is made up of …

Overwhelmed parents who want the kids’ screen-time to be educational and positive.

Busy families who try to wrangle some time together and create great memories.

Intentional adults who take time to enjoy a smart well-told story as the evening winds down.

Every movie and show we publish has our recommendation, categorized not by rating or stars but by time … 4 pm, 7 pm, and 9 pm.

4 pm: after-school time
7 pm: family time
9 pm: grown-up time

We wade through the millions of hours of streaming, new releases, originals, and independent movies and shows to find what is best for your kids, your family, and you. We’ve set out to be your most trusted source for high-quality entertainment on television, on streaming, on-demand, and in theaters.

With PIQUE, you’ll never again ask “what’s worth watching?”